The Heritage Center at the
Breathitt County Public Library

currently houses several major collections. Some are currently available, while others are still being processed for public use. 

James Clell Neace Collection

Rosemary T. Lore Collection

J.K. and Addie Murphy Image Collection

Leon Morris Collection

Tildon Bach Collection

Donald Craft Collection

East Kentucky Obituary Collection

City of Jackson Municipal Collection

Breathitt County Court Clerk Collection

The Mike and Bettye Rose Native American Artifact Collection

The Breathitt Heritage Center has a large collection of artifacts, images, court documents, and ephemera from the history of our county. The process of digitizing these items has begun and they are being added to our online digital collection. This collection can be accessed by clicking the button below.

We will be adding new materials daily for researchers seeking more information on Breathitt County's past.

Pictured below are items that have been digitized by the BCPL. These items are available for viewing on our new digital collection @ Past Perfect! 

Click the link above for more information

Our Holdings

The BCPL houses one of the largest genealogy collections in the state with millions of genealogical records, family histories, court documents and photographs.

The BCPL Digital Collection is here!

Digitizing the Past for
Future Generations