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The Breathitt County Public Library has been awarded a DWI Library Video Conferencing Grant through the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives and the Kentucky Career Center.  The grant is designed to help local job seekers find employment.  The year-long grant is designed to break down barriers that prospective local employees have in communicating and traveling to the regional jobs office in Hazard.

“This is a real opportunity for those looking for employment in Breathitt County to get assistance with their search,” Library Director Stephen D. Bowling said on Friday.  “We are very pleased to be selected by the state to receive this prestigious grant.”

The grant made nearly three thousand dollars of non-match funding available to the Library for the purchase of communication equipment that allows job seekers looking for information and assistance to video conference with case workers at the Hazard office.  The Library purchased four laptop computers for participants to utilize at the library at no charge. These computers may be used for videoconferencing with educators, employers, and meeting with KCC staff. 

“With the local economy starting to show some signs of recovery, this is another tool that people in our community have to connect with possible employment opportunities,” Bowling said.  “We look forward to helping connect employers and prospective employees through the technology available through this grant.”

Those seeking to connect with the Kentucky Career Center for consultation or information are encouraged to call ahead to schedule the use of the laptops to ensure availability.  Contact the library to reserve a video conferencing computer or for more information at 606-666-5541.

Library installs "Blessing Box" to combat local hunger

A small, brown box installed recently at the Breathitt County Public Library could help someone in need.

On Monday, May 13, the Breathitt County Public Library opened its “Blessing Box” near the entrance of the Annex building located next door to the Main Library. The box is one of the first in our community to offer free food to those in need without question and without charge.

“There is certainly a great need in our community and the efforts of local organizations are stretched very thin. We believe that our efforts can make a difference in the lives of those around us,” Library Director Stephen D. Bowling said. “There are some in our community who need extra assistance and we hope our Blessing Box will help.”

In an effort to combat local hunger, the Library staff will stock the box with non-perishable food that may be taken as needed. Local residents can also donate to the box or the Library’s effort by dropping off soups, Ramen noodles, peanut butter, and other easily prepared food items. The staff will also use food items donated through the Food For Fines program to stock the box.

The Box has three simple rules: take only what you need, leave what you can, and let others in need know.
“All we ask is that those who might need a little extra assistance use the items they take and that this effort might be as much of a blessing to them as it is for us.” Bowling said. “It is just our way of trying to help ease the burden for our neighbors.”

In the first three days of operation, the BCPL’s Blessing Box has distributed anonymously more than 20 food items.

If you would like to help in this effort or amore information, please contact the library at (606) 666-5541.

Library awarded employment Grant

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