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The Breathitt County Public Library has been awarded a DWI Library Video Conferencing Grant through the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives and the Kentucky Career Center.  The grant is designed to help local job seekers find employment.  The year-long grant is designed to break down barriers that prospective local employees have in communicating and traveling to the regional jobs office in Hazard.

“This is a real opportunity for those looking for employment in Breathitt County to get assistance with their search,” Library Director Stephen D. Bowling said on Friday.  “We are very pleased to be selected by the state to receive this prestigious grant.”

The grant made nearly three thousand dollars of non-match funding available to the Library for the purchase of communication equipment that allows job seekers looking for information and assistance to video conference with case workers at the Hazard office.  The Library purchased four laptop computers for participants to utilize at the library at no charge. These computers may be used for videoconferencing with educators, employers, and meeting with KCC staff. 

“With the local economy starting to show some signs of recovery, this is another tool that people in our community have to connect with possible employment opportunities,” Bowling said.  “We look forward to helping connect employers and prospective employees through the technology available through this grant.”

Those seeking to connect with the Kentucky Career Center for consultation or information are encouraged to call ahead to schedule the use of the laptops to ensure availability.  Contact the library to reserve a video conferencing computer or for more information at 606-666-5541.

Library awarded employment Grant