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The BCPL took part in a nation wide program focused on helping our local schools meet the demand for clean underwear. On any given day, FRYSC's could need 10-20 pairs of clean underwear to distribute to students and that puts a huge stress on the organizations to be able to meet these demands. 

This is why the BCPL is offered $2 of fine forgiveness for each pair of UNOPENED underwear donated. All sizes were accepted but, especially school aged youth and teen sizes.

The Breathitt County Public Library is excited to have teamed up with “Captain Underpants” author and illustrator Dav Pilkey to bring the successful "Drop Your Drawers" campaign to our neck of the woods.

Questions? For more information, please contact the Library @ 606-666-5541.

The Food for Fines program has helped bring thousands of meals to members of our community over the past few years. The food from your donations is given to local food pantries and churches who then distribute it as needed. 

The program has also forgiven thousands of dollars in library fines, allowing more people to use our facility, computers and check out books, movies, and other media.

Special Programs

“The Adventures of Captain Underpants” is based on a superhero that Dav Pilkey invented way back in 1973 when he was a second-grader. The series has sold more than 70 million copies worldwide.

Captain Underpants, a character in a series of popular children’s books, is copyrighted material and used with permission by author Dav Pilkey and his publisher, Scholastic.