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Hi!  I'm Stax.  I'm a reading raccoon and I live at the Breathitt County Public Library.  I love to travel and go on exciting adventures.  I've been to places like Gulf Shores, Alabama, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, and I LOVE to attend local sporting events in my hometown of Jackson.  If you spot me out and about on an adventure stop and say 'Hi' and take a picture with me.  After each of my adventures I like to come back home to the library and read books about the places I've been.

Hey, Guys, It's Stax!  I had so much fun at the Breathitt County Public library during Toddler Time.  I made a lot of new friends and I even got to make some crafts and I heard two really cool stories about Raccoons. I'll be stopping by at Toddler Time often, so make sure if you see me you get a picture with me!  I love making friends.

Meet Stax

Hey, Guys, It's me, Stax!  I'm your favorite Library Raccoon, well.....at least I hope I am.  Anyway, I got to go to Pizza Toddler Time and it was soooooo much fun!!!  I got to make my very own personal pizza thanks to our friend, Katie at the Breathitt County Extension Office.  I made a pizza sticker scene, and my very own chef's apron!  It was Misty's, but I think it looked much better on me, especially after I made some corrections.  We're always doing fun stuff at the Breathitt County Public Library.  Stop by on Fridays at 11:30 AM and join the fun!