On Wednesday, May 17th the Teen Advisory Board met for the first time. All eight members were in attendance and decided their TAB shirt colors and got a special "Sneak Peek" into the upcoming "Pirates: The Search for the Next Pirate King" program. The Teens will meet monthly and give members of the Library staff their input on happenings at the Library. 

"We feel honored to have such a great group of kids that took the initiative to step up and help us out.

After all, the Library is the people of Breathitt County's, not the staff's"- Travis Combs

Take a look at the future of Breathitt County in the picture below!

A look at Heartless by Marissa Meyer, by Arabella Stamper

     Everyone knows the story of the Red Queen, but have you ever wondered what occurred to make her such a cold person? In Meyer’s book, Heartless, the Queen’s story is told. The Red Queen’s name is Catherine, and she was a Duchess before she became a queen. The King of Hearts wants to marry her, but Catherine has other interest in mind. Like baking, finding out more about the King’s new jester, and discovering the mystery behind the sudden Jabberwocky appearances in Hearts. Although we know how it will end, the ending will leave you wishing for a happier tale.

The Breathitt County Public Library is proud to introduce our Teen Advisory Board!

The board is made up of teenagers from across the county from different schools and different walks of life members will give important input about the library. From paint colors to upcoming programs and even titles to add to our collection, the board is helping shape the library into a more inviting space for young people.

We opened our board to any teen in Breathitt County regardless of where they went to school, their gender or race (does it really matter? No! If you want to help out we want you here!). We only had three requirements. You must be between the ages of 13 - 18, you must live in Breathitt County and you must want to make an impact on your community by helping the largest FREE services facility in the county.

From Left to Right: Back Row: Sammantha Noble, Josiah Wright,  Zachary Eiserman, (Part of) Betty Barnett.

Front Row: Arabella Stamper, Olivia Friley, Katie Bowling, Alexis Clemons