A look at Lock and Key by Ridley Pearson

by Nathan King

    Lock and Key is a book created by the author of the Percy Jackson series, Ridley Pearson, and published by HarperCollins Publishers.  The book is a teen detective book, which is a modern  twist of the classic Sherlock Holmes series.

     Telling the story is Moriarty, the sister of James Moriarty, who is one of the main characters.  Moriarty attends the Baskerville Academy School, where he meets his roommate, Sherlock Holmes.  At some point during the school year Moriarty finds out that his family Bible was stolen, so with the help of Sherlock Holmes they try to solve the mystery of the missing Bible.

     Lock and Key is an amazing story of how Holmes met Moriarty.  At first I thought the modern setting would mess up the story, but as I was reading it, it actually fits perfectly.  I highly recommend you go check this book out.

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The Breathitt County Public Library is proud to introduce our Teen Advisory Board!

The board is made up of teenagers from across the county from different schools and different walks of life members will give important input about the library. From paint colors to upcoming programs and even titles to add to our collection, the board is helping shape the library into a more inviting space for young people.

We opened our board to any teen in Breathitt County regardless of where they went to school, their gender or race.

We only had three requirements. You must be between the ages of 13 - 18, you must live in Breathitt County and you must want to make an impact on your community by helping the largest FREE services facility in the county.

Shiana Turner, Alexis Clemons, Hannah King, Josiah Wright, Betty Barnett, and Nathan King.

Not pictured: Katie Bowling, Audrey Clemons-Combs, Olivia Friley, and Carson Watts.

October Teen Advisory Board meeting will be Wednesday, October 17th @ 3:30 PM