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The seventh annual Breathitt County Public Library Food for Fines Program is now underway.  The food drive is a win-win situation for those who have late fees on books and DVDs and for those in need of food during these tough economic times.  The Food for Fines program is an effort by the Library to collect nonperishable food items in exchange for fine amnesty.

"This is a great opportunity to help our community while helping yourself,” Library Director Stephen D. Bowling said on Monday.  “We have tried this in the past few years and had tremendous success and we expect another great response from our community.” 

 Patrons of the library who have fines can participate in the program by bringing in canned or non-perishable food item in exchange for fines.  A value of $1 per food item will be applied toward their outstanding debt.  All food items must be clean, non-perishable, have original label, no rust, in-date, undented, unopened, and unmarked.

At least one person in Breathitt County owes the local library more than $300 in overdue/lost or damaged fees and others owe lesser amounts.  Library users from across the county have used this program as their chance to catch up on paying their late fees by donating canned goods to the library. In 2014, the Food for Fines program netted more than 4,000 food items for local pantries and was very important in serving the community’s needs.


The food will be distributed for use to various community assistance agencies located in Breathitt County.  Library officials say that any type of nonperishable food is accepted, which means that a 30-cent canned good could equal a $1 credit toward fees.

 People who don’t have late fees but simply want to help are also encouraged to come in and donate canned goods.  “It never ceases to amaze me how the people of Jackson and Breathitt County pour their hearts into any effort that will help their neighbors,” Bowling said.  “The community’s support for programs like Food for Fines shows exactly why Breathitt County people are so extraordinary.”

The Food for Fines program will run through the month of January of 2016..

The BCPL is Proud to introduce BCPL Media. BCPL Media encompasses all of our online digital media services. Be on the look out for a dedicated page with links to all our Social and Digital Media Pages. Until then, take a look at the following links.

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Not one but TWO, Wizarding Adventures "appearing" early 2016!

When asked about the success of the original program 

Travis Combs had this to say:

"The real success came from the kids, the smiles on their faces made it all worth while. We tried to take this program in a new direction, something different that our "normal" programming. I'm proud to say we did so and everyone loved it."                           -Travis Combs                

"We had a lot of interest from younger kids, not just the teenagers. this drove us to come up with another adventure for younger kids. This program (A Wee Wizarding Adventure) is similar to the original and different in a lot of ways. It will be a blast!"

                         -Misty Combs

Back by popular demand

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"Our Faces, Our Stories" - A new generation of recorded voices.
In February, we announced that the library was awarded 2015 StoryCorps @ Your Library grant. Being one of only 10 libraries to receive this prestigious honor, the Breathitt County public Library is proud to participate in the program which allows us to preserve conversations that record our experiences while capturing our unique dialect.

If you have a story to tell, a memory you hold dear, or some information you believe needs to be preserved on any subject, we would love to hear your story.  The grant is looking for stories about coal and its impact on our lives and families, but conversations can center on any topic.  

"These aren't interviewsthey're conversations. We welcome you to bring a friend or family member to share youexperience  with, it truly is a conversation. The short, laid-back nature of the StoryCorps conversation is unlike any oral-history we have on record, plus these conversations will go on to be recorded in our Library collection as well as partner Libraries across the nation, including the Library of Congress!​"

                                                                                                         -Travis Combs

Please contact Stephen Bowling or Travis Combs to reserve your timeslot.


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The Breathitt County Public Library is looking to fill two upcoming vacancies on the Board of Trustees.

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